Peter Osgood - 6 Tahun Di Alam Barzakh

Lucius Maximus Khamis, Mac 01, 2012 ,

Peter Osgood
20 Februari 1947 - 1 Mac 2006
289 perlawanan, 105 gol
FA Cup 1970, European Cup Winners' Cup 1971

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kobetz berkata...

unsung heroes of rentboy..;-)

derp derp berkata...

siapeww neww??? nama nak gud gud jewww!!!!

Raiden berkata...

For Ossie

A young boy stands among the crowd,
Fifty thousand sing aloud.
Sun sets and rises and thirty years on,
He takes his seat next to his son.

He tells him of a man he did not know,
Compares him to today’s hero,
Blessed with talent he strived for success,
Before a time of greed and excess.

The papers print a name and a face,
But his people saw an idol of passion and grace.
For many a year he served the crest,
With the pride of the lion upon his chest.

His dreams, chased often, but realised by few,
Chasing silver, draped in blue.
For all the honours his successors have known,
His legacy has been etched in stone.

He lit the path, and led the way,
Set the bar for the stars of today.
Gone he may be, but forgotten never,
For the story of The King will live forever.

Shankly2u berkata...

klu benitez jd ke chelsack.
nak tunggu ulasan ilmiah dr puak puak chelsack b4 this panggil
fat benitez , fara Benitez . hahahaha

hantuLongkang berkata...

cantik betul padang...separa botak macam padang stadium nasional bukit jalil :D..

apa2pun, respect the legend..

rashideeshukri berkata...

respect from a Kop fan.

Maman berkata...

Osgood was a damn good player. Never doubt it.

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