The Things We Think and Do Not Say: The Future of Our Club

Ahmad Fairuz Rabu, Mac 28, 2012
In the movie 'Jerry Maguire', Dorothy Boyd (Rene Zellweger) stumbled upon a mission statement written by Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) which was entitled; "The Things We Think and Do Not Say: The Future of Our Business". He wrote it after he had a mental meltdown that made him revise everything he stood up for, all his life. Believing in the statement, Dorothy sacrificed her career and followed Jerry through hell and back. In between, they got married and was separated for a while but were back together after Jerry had Dorothy 'at hello'.

During one of their scenes, Jerry questioned why she sacrificed her job, life stability and married him instead? Dorothy replied she was rejuvenated by the things he wrote in the mission statement. She was inspired.

In FIFA world cup USA 1994, Maradona was selected to captain Argentina by the Argentina FA (AFA), knowing that Maradona was still on drugs. They knew they face the risk of him getting caught by the organizers but that risk was minor compared to the reason that lie behind the selection.

Argentina was in economic and political turmoil in the early 90's. People were restless and a good run in the 1994 world cup was what they needed to keep everybody upbeat. Football in Argentina is what a tamil movie is akin to in India. They believe and they thrive on it. It is common to hear news about riots or football fans killing rival fans on the streets of Buenos Aires.

Argentina was back to back finalist in the previous two world cup editions and a bad performance by the team in USA 94 would be disastrous. Without Maradona who even barely appeared for his Newell's Old Boys club then, the team ailed. In the qualifying campaign leading up to USA 94, Argentina was thrashed 0-5 playing at home to Colombia. Luckily they scraped through and qualified but signs were bad.

Realizing this, the AFA sent Maradona together with the squad of USA 94, fully aware that he was totally unfit to lead Argentina. He was only there to kickstart the team and make them play. In other words to inspire them.

Maradona did inspire the team and scored in a 4-0 drubbing of Greece in their opening game. It was one of his only two appearances in USA as he was tested positive for drugs during the competition.

Maradona managed to bring life to the team but they only made it to the final 16 that year. As expected back home, after a world cup that was not a total failure, the argentinian people then turned towards the country's economic future and remained optimistic. The plan worked. The people of Argentina were inspired albeit temporarily.

So what have all these got to do with Liverpool FC?

Liverpool need someone that can inspire them even if it means to lose a little or win a little in the short run. Many have started to whisper that there is a kink in Kenny Dalglish's armoury. I agree that we have lost many battles before, but in this current crusade, we need to have extra faith in him. Time and again we need to remember that a battle is not won overnight.

In the paragraph below, results from Kenny Dalglish's 'point collected' so far are pitted against all of his predecessor's up to Graeme Souness using a formula that you can question a Mr.Gabriel Marcotti from Herald Scotland if ever you have doubts. Due to resource and time constraints together with the fact that I am not paid to validate the data, I will assume that his calculation are as of 18th March 2012, non-biased, accurate and uses the normal system of 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw, both inclusive of cup tournaments.

Kenny Dalglish currently has managed Liverpool for 61 games (as of 18 March 2012). Percentage-wise, he has collected on average 1.73 points per game which is far better than Roy Hodgson (1.55) and Greame Souness (1.54) but way short of Rafael Benitez (1.88) and Gerard Houllier/Roy Evans (both on 1.77). Mind you that different manager had differing managerial tenure. So, when you look at accumulated points collected over their first 61 games in charge, Kenny comes 2nd at 106 points, 3 points behind Roy Evans at 109 while Rafa lies third accumulating 102 points and the rest, way behind. Compelling enough, Kenny Dalglish is right there amongst the top in terms of points collected when compared to the rest of Liverpool's manager off late.

Another major issue that "kop infidels" raised, insisting he should leave is his mistake in getting the right players in and his habit of keeping on playing players that are not "Liverpool material".

Firstly, do they realize that most of the strategic scouting for Liverpool is now done by a Mr.Damien Comolli? In the same capacity when he was with Tottenham Hotspurs, Comolli has been credited for signing Gareth Bale, Assou-Ekotto, Luka Modric and Berbatov amongst others. True, some of his buys did flopped but who would have thought that Gareth Bale and Luka Modric would be where they are now if not for Comolli.

Secondly, do they know that when Martin Jol was in charge of Spurs, Comolli got sacked in October 2008 because of Spurs poor form predominantly with the same line up which have become the backbone of Spurs team now? Today, Spurs may not be the best team in the world but they do have an exciting game up their sleeve.

What is Kenny being paid for then? My analysis tells me that he is there to focus on managing the players he has in the stable, to design a game plan that best suit the current line-up and inspire them. Scouting and handling youth at the academy are done by other credible honchos in Melwood.

Everybody and everything needs inspiration, even a club as huge as Liverpool FC. To be inspired is like benzene yearning to catch fire or like a poet longing for the exact words to dance and rhyme in his poetry.

"Do we already have a mission statement and a 'Maradona'?" You might ask. I would say yes. Now we just need to put our chin up, stand firm and believe.

#YNWA ./

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LS berkata...

wait and see.

zan berkata...

Setuju dengan anda Pakkordi.

jem berkata...

Maradona managed to bring life to the team but they only made it to the final 16 that year. As expected back home, after a world cup that was not a total failure...

this is the problem with the kopites!!! bagik diorg final 16 is more than gud??? inspiring my @$$!!!

Adleen berkata...

hiks tukar english pulak dah ke? boleh la join soccernet

oohh lala berkata...

Copy paste terbaik dari ladang.still doesn't change the fact liverpool are can compare kenny to woy hodgson,rafa,evans or whoever your former gaffers were but the problem is your club is still in deep shit.

Kenny Dalglish=sardin cap ayam expired.honestly!!!

kei-tan berkata...

banyakkan post camni...Pipi, lu buat la satu post camni utk Arsenal pulak..dh 6 tahun tak menang2...must be something happen...aku pun nak tau apa yang jadi...

Point of View berkata...

if thats the case, then i hope liverpool will give kenny dalglish 10 years tenure just like everton is doing for david moyes now.

dan kita tunggu sama ada mampukah para kop ini bertahan selama 10 tahun dengan mid table result dan occasional wins of domestic cups?

papaskizo berkata...

gila panjang manuskrip ni.

meo sepul berkata...


Maman berkata...

Nice to see Pakkordi came up with such INSPIRED entry.

Well, despite all good things that came from Kenny, he might get sacked if those players cannot perform as been expected in earlier of the season.

For KOP, your strength to win over so-called Big Teams is arguably hard to resist, especially in Anfield. But when against so-called Small Teams, KOP cannot win consistently.

That the real matter why KOP still hardly to climb for Top4 spot.

BUT FOR ME, KOP in Europe is/was a giant. The aura of European success gave KOP a great power that can win with any teams they could face of. Funny how 2005 when Bellamy & Riise got a shit fight before the game against Barca but both goals from them at Camp Nou has eliminated Barca & that moment lift up KOP to overcome AC Milan with a great comeback & won the 5th UCL. Even I'm Chelsean, that moment superbly inspired all.

When KOP become the Big4 again, EPL will definitely needed to change to Big6 after that. Hee~

Mohd Farwalis berkata...

ko tunggu, ko tunggu!

Melody berkata...

Good reading article there Abang Kordi.

EQUILIBRIUM berkata...

Thank you kordi for this average article at best. By the way you sum up what is #lfc is about now. But you forget to to mention FSG is no private owner. They put their investment first before all that sh*t about #lfc great history. This EPL is no like the old 1st DIvison. The club owner want a fast return from their investment. Three years is a long enough for them to wait King Kenny bring the glory to Anfield. So me believe KIng Kenny still have two years to prove he is their messiah.

cantona79 berkata...

Every manager needs a bedding time. Same goes to KK or siapa saja. Hanya dengan cara itu KEABADIAN boleh dikekalkan.

Hazard Ali berkata...
Ulasan ini telah dialihkan keluar oleh pengarang.
Hazard Ali berkata...

Wow.. such an inspiring change of tone, indeed. Well.. playing by the game, I'll just stand by the positive ground and say, "this IS a good writing."

Honestly, it is not the fact that the Kops keep losing small games that annoys us - the ABL (or wutever), but it's the fact that the bragging just could never stop, each time you guys win or lose that keeps giving us that unbearable pain in the @$$. That, I might say, is so.. unfairly.

Each time people mention THE BIG FOUR, for me the Kops are still one of them, nonchalantly. Spurs, City, The Magpies, whoever - are mere distractions. Really good ones, actually.

All in all, my fellow Kops - just swallow the fact that your so called King Kenny is in a serious need of more time and passion. Give him another tens of games, and you might be able to smell the greener grass of Europe again.

His vision, his mission, not forgetting his 'masterpiece' gameplan - the build ups are just still some distance away from finished.. not just yet. The frames are already tangible, yet the shapes are still quite hazy.

With that being said, we shall just wait to see you back at the top.. in.. err.. 2095.. or 96?


LaTip BogiBa berkata...

nampak kordi ni minat sangat dengan kelap liverpool ni..
kenapa majoriti..aku rasa bukan majoriti tapi semua akan cakap pasal kelab-kelab inggeris..lame.
takde ke cerita pasal liga malaysia ke.
asyik2 dari lucius je. bila dia tak tulis aku jadi tak keruan.

GGMU berkata...

this is our year!!! keh keh keh... my ass.

RyuJi berkata...

tq pak kordi for making all d lfc fans more .....

++ stupid = ++ true fans.
++ cleaver = ++ plastic fans.

pakkordi berkata...

Sama-sama ryuji.

aranzedo berkata...

"kami pasukan mid table, kami steady ! " - king kenny


Pet Shop Boys berkata...

Pergh...cayalah Pak Kordi. true inspiring.

U had me at hello

ronalbi berkata...

ok aku paham. sape sokong m.u konek dia sehitam evra.

RyuJi berkata...


unknown berkata...

inspire? a magic word. nowadays football we dont need inspiration, we just need tactical brilliant and committed players, thats all.

pass & move gameplay does not valid anymore. it requires 11 players who have superb technical skills to execute the gameplay. we just need proper possession football c/w team engine like xabi.

unless KK change his gameplay philosophy, liverpool will struggle to score as they failed to breakthru the solid defense, as the small club tends to have when they were facing liverpool.

btw, nice article.

Alisha Residenc berkata...

Anda boleh menukar pautan blog saya? Saya harap anda boleh menghubungkan dan saya akan melakukan perkara yang sama,
Berterima kasih banyak


Mohd Haris berkata...

Alah pak kordi ni....sembang pungpang...let the football do the talking la.. plus..your article is boring dowh...

Dewajiwa berkata...

this is Quality.
kemas dan berisi. terasa sikit prestij LFC dan menunjukkan tahap intelligence The Koppite sejati -- bercakap dengan akal dan rasional. syabas Pakkordi (only 2nd writer team lain kat Sokernet aku pernah hail). pada yang ingat ini copy-paste, nampak sangat tak baca. kipidap tulis camnie.

btw, KD perlu tunjukkan sesuatu yang solid. at least boleh kurangkan jumlah fan yang mula membencinya. macam era awal SAF dulu. inspirasi datang pada waktu sukar -- mendorong untuk bangkit dan menang. tapi belum cukup "Liverpool" kalau sekadar untuk bernafas. KD perlu pastikan graf konsisten, bukan merudum. jangan nak menang dengan MU je. kalah melawan takpe lagi kot. buat masa nie realistic approach untuk fan yang true patut dibuat oleh KD. supaya the team and the true fan can keep optimist and stay true -- together. something that all the great team have in common.

MU dah ada Rooney, Valencia and the rest. MU kalah 1-2 game pun kami tetap optimis. tough time won't last, tough people do. Gelora-Gelora MU.

Jarr berkata...

dorang yg duk pompang pompang ni ckp pakkordi itu ini bukan knal pakkordi kat luar pon. pesen kotey kecik mulut besar.

Nik Saiful Anuar berkata...

+1 great article

mat berkata...

apa kata kita tukar Anfield ke AndFailed...baru lah bleh inspire budak2 liverpool...

Mambang Tanah berkata...

Ini aku suka.artikel yg mbuka minda,mnyejukkan hati.biaq p la apa fan team lain nk kata,ttp juga YNWA

flamez berkata...

Very good article pakkordi. Thumbs up.

Henderson - 16 million
Downing - 20 million
Carroll - 35 million
Total 71 million
(probably you can buy Juan Mata, Lavezzi, Cavani or Hamsik)

Good job Damien Comolli. Very good bargain. Wow!

EQUILIBRIUM berkata...

Me share a link from #lfc fan which is very amusing kind of writng. Much better than kordi writing though. I have to agree with his opinion compare to what kordi spewed here.

zu berkata...

hmmm dulu kalau tak silap aku ada terbaca kat satu forum bolasepak, tentang seorang peminat MU wanita yang berumur 50+ tahun ada menulis.
dah berpangkat nenek barangkali.
entah hidup lagi ke tak dia ni sekarang.

dia cerita pasal munich disaster.
lepas tu ada terselit luahan perasaan dia tentang dua tahun pertama(atau tiga tahun kot, aku pun dah lupa) time SAF mula-mula join MU.
lebih kurang macam ni la bau-bau artikel dia.
kalau dia baca artikel pakkordi ni, mungkin dia boleh rasa kot macam mana perasaannya.
lagipun ini artikel dalam bahasa inggeris, mesti dia boleh paham punya.
bukan jenis yang celik mata je tiap-tiap tahun angkat piala.

Jimmy Stracqualursi berkata...

kenny dalglish punya football tak inventive langsung, stagnant macam 80's dulu. dah la tak leh nak skor, defend pun macam haram. resource belambak2, kalau wenger dapat kompem bole challenge for title every year.

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