The Things We Think And Do Not Say Part 2 - Great Things Comes To Those Who Wait

Ahmad Fairuz Jumaat, Mac 30, 2012
Sir Isaac Newtons third law of motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Most of the time this law also applies to news of a Liverpool defeat, a Liverpool win or a Liverpool cup winning performance because haters will either jump equally high, stoop equally low or butt bleed equally gory to death depending on the news.

When I read on twitter about the sacking of yet another manager by Roman Abramovic, it did not make me react a bit. Honestly I would rather have Roman stop harming Chelsea but funny enough, I find solace in what’s going on because it is soothing to know that John Henry will never do such a thing to the mighty reds.

The Chelsea boss was only 30 years old when he took over Sibneft, a large oil company in Russia. His business dealings were always dodgy from the start and full of controversies. Upon making billion of dollars, he stepped into prime sports business by taking over Chelsea Football Club. Never before had he owned any sports brand and overnight he wanted to make Chelsea at par with the rest of the big boys in every sense of the word, championships, cup and endorsement money.

It is fine to put in that extra effort but to make it all happen at a frantic pace, one would expect him to be a person who wants fast result, yesterday. So the sacking of Luís André de Pina Cabral e Villas-Boas, better known as André Villas-Boas or just AVB and five others before him within six years is not something unusual.

On the other hand, John W. Henry is a businessman who started business from humble beginnings and understand the fact that success too soon, is a sandcastle of a fortress. Every decision he makes are based on calculated risk.

John made his fortunes from commodity trading business and later ventured into owning professional sports team by initially buying into small AAA minor baseball league franchises before purchasing Boston Red Sox and Liverpool FC.

A philosophy telling you that he build knowledge about a particular industry from the ground up. Knowing how to manage talents be it the players, the managers or even the fans can be tough and without proper attention, might backfire.

When John took over Liverpool he wanted Roy Hodgson to stay and continue managing but later decided to appoint Kenny Dalglish, to my observation because of the increasing pressure from the fans. Well under Roy, it was Liverpool's worst start to the season in 60 years and statistic shows that Liverpool under him was horrible (this will be dealt in later postings if I have the time).

Nevertheless, I sincerely believe that if Rafael Benitez was still managing the team then, John would have lent his support and allowed Rafa to lead Liverpool to greater heights. But again 'if' is such a subjective word. The sacking of Rafael Benitez was really disheartening, to me at least.

People make mistakes and to err is only human. Rafa might have made a few bad investments here and there but he gave us one FA Cup, a brilliant season but came 2nd to Manchester United in 08-09 season and the best of the lot, two Champions League finals with one being a runner-up and another "a night in Istanbul". Liverpool's performance was acceptable for the most part of his tenure except for the last season at the helm and that was mostly due to bad ownership issues rather than the players or Rafa himself.

Liverpool owners before John came in were George Gillett and Tom Hicks, two pure capitalist who does not give a shit about football as long as the cash till kept ringing. They were idiotically worse than Roman because at least Roman was willing to spend to achieve immediate success but Gillett and Hicks did not and with Liverpool players ageing, money was needed by Rafa to get more players in. Not only that, Rafa was building a new structure of youth program in Liverpool to replace the existing old archaic system and to emphasize on youth as what Arsene Wenger has put in place much much earlier in Arsenal.

Net amount spent on players by Rafa after the Gillette and Hicks take over was £34m (which is considered above average compared to the rest of the competition) in the first year and then the money just stopped. In 08/09, the net amount spent was just £2.4m and in 09/10 a meagre £10,000. I mean, spending £10,000 a season would not have been an issue if the team was already stable with the manager already 5-10 years into the job. This is a team suffering from mediocrity, a relatively new manager with great ideas on board, a club in dire need of change at a crucial part of its life cycle and suddenly there was no fund available to the manager?

In 08/09 when Rafa wanted to bring in Gareth Barry, there were no money in the coffers so what were the option available? At this juncture let us stop a minute and think. Which player would bank in the most money to Liverpool if sold? Steven Gerrard would have made the most but the fans would have revolted. The answer was yes, Xabi Alonso. Even though the deal with Aston Villa did not go through, the damage done to the morale of Xabi Alonso was irreversible. Xabi requested for a transfer and was later sold to Real Madrid for £30m. Maybe some of the players themselves was against the initial plan to sell Xabi and in turn sabotaged by performing badly but a decision had to be made.

With other teams spending on players creating amount pressure spurred on by the power struggle within the management, Rafa was stuck. Imagine, out of the squad that made the finals in Istanbul, only Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard survived when Xabi Alonso was sold in 2009. That was how far Rafa had to scour to bring in new players. Without budget coupled with fierce competition, Rafa still managed to bring in El-Nino to Anfield and for this, I have great respect for the man.

Rafa was later undeservedly terminated "by mutual consent" in June 2010.

Rafael Benitez wanted a successful Liverpool with managed, steady progress. He wanted to develop a youth system that can support the first team in ways that were never realized before in Melwood. Rafa brought in Jose Segura and Rodolfo Borrell (pic below) from Barcelona, both heavily involved in the development of youth in Barcelona FC La Masia academy and made Frank MacParland, Liverpool’s then former chief scout as the new academy director. La Masia is where the likes of Lionel Messi, Cesc Fabregas, Gerard Pique and Pep Guardiola himself came from before bursting into the football scene. In fact, it was Rodolfo Borrell who discovered Cesc Fabregas when Cesc was 10 and brought him to La Masia.

“The academy of Liverpool is the only one that can compare to La Masia of Barcelona FC,” states Barcelona manager and La Masia graduate, Pep Guardiola.

“If Liverpool can manage those lads in the academy, then maybe 20 star players can arrive from that academy.”

Those were words from a highly respected manager with huge accolades and success. Maybe La Masia is not the best academy in the world but looking at its produce might make one think otherwise.

Yes, Liverpool youth did lose 6-0 to Ajax in the Nextgen Series tournament semi-finals but at that stage of their development as a player, the experience they gained were invaluable. The mere fact that Liverpool together with the rest of the other fifteen youth academy were selected by invitation due to its reputation of being one of the best in Europe to compete in this inaugural event says a lot. Liverpool ended the tournament in third place after beating Marseille 2-0.

Under Mike Marsh, Liverpool is also currently doing well in the under-18 premier academy league (click here), pushing Manchester City U-18 to the limits in Group C. Arsenal academy which has always been proud of its academy is also flying high while Manchester United and Chelsea is struggling near the rear end of their respective group.

Thanks to Rafa, currently Liverpool boast 31 youth internationals from its academy playing for their respective national teams compared to only 2 when Frank MacParland was first appointed as academy director three and a half years ago.

It’s not a change in the manager or a change in the way we support the club that is needed. The change required in Liverpool is yet to fully come into effect but can already be felt when we see players like Martin Kelly and Jay Spearing anchoring Liverpool seniors at Anfield while 19 year old midfielder Fernandez Suso's super passing abilities and 18 year old striker Raheem Sterling's (pic below) dazzling runs, shines for the reserves on the field of Melwood.

There are more from where they came and great things comes to those who wait but it is a phrase that I bet Roman Abramovic will never agree.

And therefore, I shall wait.

#YNWA ./

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Nik Saiful Anuar berkata...

apa yg selama ini terpendam telas dirungkai oleh pakkordi, syabas



Melody berkata...

Yet, another good article from the Kordi himself. Haters will always be haters.

#YNWA ./

Raiden berkata...

Mgkin roman agak drastik. Tapi dgn 3 trofi epl, 3 fa cup dan 1 carling susah nk kata keputusan dia yg kerap memecat pengurus salah. Sepanjang 10 tahun rejim roman, bagi aku hanya jose dan ancelotti yg tak layak dipecat, yg lain adalah keputusan yg rasional.

padelsulaiman berkata...

luahan penulis yang sangat sarat #YNWA

Maman berkata...

@pakkordi, brilliant piece.

To be honest, for me, Rafa still ur best manager if we want to compare between Hogdson & Kenny.

However, to sell Alonso was the moment Kop cannot reach their 101% abilities especially to force themselves up into t0p4 finish.

If Alonso was kept till today, Gerrard & Torres completely become the fiercest strike force they could ever imagine.

AND yes, even I'm Chelsean, Kop been missed in UCL. It is alike even to miss Juventus. Such a massive tournament yet those mentioned clubs weren't there.

Next season could be the answer, if Kenny remain fans choice even lose games or he's out to lift up back the huge legacy.

FreeMen berkata...

alamak dlm english la pulak. kalau nak baca artikel in english aku baca kat or somewhere else. antara sbb aku hang out kat sokernet ni sebab berorientasikan bahasa melayu. seronok sikit aku nak baca. btw aku liverpool fanboys, problem? =))

El berkata...

in Kordi we trust

Raiden berkata...

"The academy of Liverpool is the only one that can compare to La Masia of Barcelona FC,” states Barcelona manager and La Masia graduate, Pep Guardiola."

Aku rasa di England akademi Arsenal paling hampir dengn La Masia.

ronalbi berkata...

maman punya komen aku setuju.

roger berkata...

Liverpool fans kalau nak sedapkan hati mula la cerita pasal bende2 ssentimental mcm ni.

"Alamak season ni Liverpool hampeh lagi!"

"takpe, academy kitorang power, sama level dgn barca punya"


EQUILIBRIUM berkata...

Thanx kordi for this average article again. Nothing new here. Me already reading this again and again on RAWK. Mostly what kordi trying to shed here already been written by thousand reds on RAWK. So kordi please bring your own idea when "BS" ng here on sokernet.

Btw kordi pls give link where you got that funny number during Rafa tenure when G&H just gave him a few penny to buy players. I just hope Kenny could build #lfc team that capable challenging for CL spot again for years to come.

sood berkata...

yeah...typical kop season is "our" season....wakaka...

flamez berkata...

Maman is right. Kop been missed in UCL.
Just bring Rafa back and Kenny as Liverpool ambassadors again like old times. Then you're good to go.

p/s: Bahasa Melayu please.

SyDen berkata...

Agak2 Suarez akan happy ke kalau Sterling dapat main kat 1st team Liverpool?

gila kool berkata...

bile la lpool menang ni

Tanpa Nama berkata...

orang ada otak akan baca post ni mcm org ada otak. the best post!!!

Rafa Army

cili celah gigi berkata...

post2 yang wajib diberi kredit serupa ini memang sikit dapat komen.komenter2 sokernet yg lain kan ramainya menyukai post2 kerandut dan konek.dan post guna paint yg langsung tak mengghairahkan.

tahniah kordi. this is awesome post.

Jimmy Stracqualursi berkata...

great things come to those who work their arses off! get a filthy rich owner, plough more money, instant success, coupled with a long term plan, leave a legacy that will last forever. just ask chelsea fans how they feel, heh

Dewajiwa berkata...

this very entry lift my respect higher for Rafa (even I can read elsewhere about the negative facts about him). pity him. harap dia kembali ke Anfield.

baru syok lawan LFC pastu. GGMU

hADIE berkata...

Cili Celah Gigi : Sila baca komen EQUILIBRIUM. The credit should not goes to Pakkordi. Sila bagi kredit/link kepada tulisan asal.

unknown berkata...

gaya penulisan dah cantik, tapi idea lama. tak silap aku, rafa adalah manager kedua yang banyak belanja antara old 'big 4', only second to chelsea (sebelum manchester city masih lagi midtable team), so please check your fact.

bagi aku, rafa tak best. konsisten mungkin, tapi liverpool main negative football under him before despite banyak sumbat gol.

dan, lepas ni artikel dalam BM please? tak bestla dalam english, sound too serious. pengkomen takpe.

Hazard Ali berkata...

"Hmm.. Liverpool power..

Bla bla bla..

Haters suck..

Bla bla bla..

Liverpool je power, haters suck..

Bla bla bla..


Ok, next.

Mohd Haris berkata...

Ai pak Kordi...copy paste je ke? Gua komen part 1 article boring. Part 2 ok menarik tapi dah kantoi la plak ni copy paste.

Mende la lu ni Pak will be given when its due.

Hazard Ali berkata...

Wow! Komenku telah dibuang, buat pertama kali! Tabiklah...

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Salam 2-0... suckahhhhhh!!! APRIL FOOL, LIVERFOOL!!!

safichan berkata...

Aku rasa liverpool fans tak blh berbangga sgt dgn product youth depa...its a very long way to go...tak guna ada 30-40 player muda yg berkualiti dan sembang kencang jikalau pemain muda ini tidak di blend dgn betul bersama pemain senior yg sedia ada di liverpool...liverpool takda quality ini sprt di man utd...kamon...tak payah nafi tentang perkara ini...utk kekal sukses...pemain juda perlu mendpt tunjuk ajar dan bimbingan dr pemain senior yg di hormati...dan yg mustahak pemain senior ini adalah dari sekumpulan pemain yg ada winning mentally dan punyai character pemain bola yg di segani...ini liverpool takda...maka dgn pemain muda yg berduyun2 yg nak berebut masuk ke 1st team tp takda bimbingan ini, takkan ke mana...feel tu takda dan tak dpt di semai dgn baik kpd produk2 muda ini...sebenarnya cakap2 betapa hebatnya akemedi liverpool ini hanya indah khabar dari rupa shj...akhirnya pemain2 ini akan jdk lemau kemudian nya...ini hakikat, tak payah lah nak ynwa manjang...lihat dari sudut positif sikit...cakap2 guardiola tak yah amik port...sukses nya barca dan spain hari ini adalah kerja keras frank bodoh aja kata guardiola hebat...rijkaard yg sbrnya...beliau bina asas kukuh barca, guardiola hanya add on aja mana yg perlu...jgn nak sentimental lebeh smp cakap2 guardiola di anggap sbg compliment...itu bodo...

hADIE berkata...

buat admin, senarai juara EPL 2010-2011 tu tak update pon... nak jadi mcm website FAM ka? hahaha!

btw, juara 2011-2012 pon da bole agak kot... ehehehe!

Budak Pondoi berkata...

Come on la sapa2 yg tk paham apa maksud NET SPEND. Tk abis2 kata transfer spend rafa sama or lebih compare dgn team top 4 time 2. Tlg la phm apa bnda net spend 2 dulu.

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